What exactly are transferable skills? How do you know what transferable skills you possess? We will answer these questions and more during the session.


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Transferable skills are those the skills that you use no matter what the job title, industry or sector. But how do you identify them? And are they only used within the workplace?

During this session we will look at transferable skills in depth, including.

  • What skills are transferable
  • Identifying your own transferable skills
  • Thinking away from the workplace
  • Searching for buzzwords in job descriptions
  • Confidence building exercises

You will also receive a written summary and handout from the session.

Sessions will be delivered online via Zoom or Microsoft Teams; these do not require you to have your own paid for account. However, for Kent-based clients face-to-face can be considered (travel costs will be confirmed prior to sessions commencing).

Once you have purchased a session, we will contact you to arrange a date and time.

Discount available for armed forces veterans, uniformed services, and NHS workers. For full details about the discount contact us here prior to booking.