Video interviews, whether live or pre-recorded, have become increasingly common in recent years. In this session we will look at how best to prepare for the interview and give the best impression to your potential employer.


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Video interviews increased by 67% during the pandemic and many companies have indicated that they plan to continue to use them post-Covid. Our Video Interview session covers everything you need to know to make a lasting and positive impression, including.

  • Preparation
  • Location and external factors
  • Preparation and delivery of online presentations
  • Handy resources
  • Behaviour during the interview
  • Any follow up actions

You will also receive a written summary and handout from the session.

Sessions will be delivered online via Zoom or Microsoft Teams; these do not require you to have your own paid for account. However, for Kent-based clients face-to-face can be considered (travel costs will be confirmed prior to sessions commencing).

Once you have purchased a session, we will contact you to arrange a date and time.

Discount available for armed forces veterans, uniformed services, and NHS workers. For full details about the discount contact us here prior to booking.