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Video interviews, whether live or pre-recorded, have become increasingly common in recent years. In fact, one recruitment firm reported that the number to take place increased by 67% during the pandemic. Many employers have also stated that they plan to keep using them post-Covid. Whatever your opinion of video interviews, they are here to stay, even if they form just the first stage of the interview process.

If you have spent time ensuring that your CV, cover letter or application meets the skills and experience detailed in the job description, it may be that you are invited to take part in a video interview.

By following the pneumonic ADVANCE, you can prepare for your video interview and approach it with confidence.

Accept: Remember to accept the invitation to be interviewed and clarify any details that you are unsure of.

Devices: These should be fully charged and have a good internet connection. Check that you can log in to any sites that you require in plenty of time. If you have a slow connection try shutting down other sites or ask others within the household to limit their use. Position your device so that the camera is at eye level.

Video: It is normal to be daunted by a video interview. Practicing with someone you trust can help to put you at ease and to adjust your approach before the real interview.

Act: Act like you would for a face-to-face interview, this includes how you dress and prepare. Remember to have suitable attire from top to bottom.

Noise: Locate yourself in an area that is free from noise and distractions. Turn any other devices including mobiles phones onto silent. Also remove any distracting or inappropriate items from view.

Clear: Your speech should be clear, keep a positive posture and maintain good eye contact. Use pauses when needed and have a glass of water at hand.

Enjoy: Enjoy the experience, you have been invited to interview ahead of many others. Something about you impresses them already.

Good luck with your interview and remember you can book a 1:1 coaching session here or contact us here.

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