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SDM Training Services are excited to launch our monthly Tea Break Talks. These 1-hour online sessions are completely free to attend and cover a wide range of employability topics. They are delivered in a relaxed and informal manner, with attendees encouraged to join discussions and ask questions related to the subject. Numbers are restricted to 10, low enough that everyone feels involved and has time to identify areas they would like advice around. The foundation of course is having a productive chat over a cup of tea or coffee, whilst biscuits are a great optional extra. Attendees do not have to attend for the full hour and can come and go as they please, as we are aware that this may well be some people’s valuable tea break. Initially these will be delivered virtually over Zoom, however the longer-term aim is to host some face-to-face talks. We have also been in discussion with one charity about delivering these to their service users, which would provide them with a valuable resource.

Stu Miller, Training and Development Manager said:

“There is some excellent funded support out there for those who are not currently in employment. However, those who are in employment find it much harder to access career support without relying on the minefield that is Google. Not everyone is ready or able to commit to self-funding career coaching. These Tea Break Talks are short informative sessions that encourage discussion, clearing a lot of myths and anxiety around employability. We’re excited about hosting them as experience suggests that there will be some great ideas and examples of best practice.” 

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