Enhancing employability skills

We provide specialist employability training and coaching support to enhance skills and confidence.

SDM Training Services specialise in supporting and developing individuals and groups who face barriers to employment. These groups often face unique challenges and have their skills overlooked. We work with them to understand their transferable skills and their value to the working environment.

Many of those who we support have experienced life changing events or found themselves in circumstances that are out of their control. By taking a practical and proactive approach to employability, we help each individual to identify career goals and map a pathway to achieving this. Always working towards self-efficacy, we support our service users to develop their own personal action plans.

Our 3 strands of core support focuses on separate groups who each face unique challenges in gaining employment. This enables us to best support those who have come into contact with the Criminal Justice System, have been a member of the armed forces or have an age or health related barrier to employment.

Our learners have exclusive access to The Hive, which is the resource area of our website.

These active and informative employability resources are being added to and updated on a regular basis, ensuring that our learners have access to the latest information. They are varied in delivery and content to promote a blended learning approach and suit a greater variety of learning styles.

On being referred or enrolled for support, each learner is sent a link to access this area and a step by step guide explaining how to use it.

Access to The Hive is not just available whilst they are being supported. They have full access for life, ensuring the information to support them is available when they need it.

We are also aware that not all of our learners can or like to access online documents. In these cases, we are happy to send them a resource pack through the post.
THE HIVE image
Resources available within The Hive

Contained within this exclusive area, our learners will find

  • workbooks
  • virtual handouts
  • coaching videos
  • tick sheets
  • PAP (Personal Action Plan)

Our written resources are designed to take the learner through the subject in a logical fashion, building their skills and knowledge as they do so. There are spaces for them to complete tasks that assist with the development of key areas such as their CV, job searching and interview preparation.

The tick sheets and PAP's are designed to assist with setting and completing goals as well employability related tasks.

All our coaching videos and virtual handouts are designed to be personal, genuine and engaging, with real person delivery.

Self-directed learning tasks

Between sessions, there are always self-directed learning tasks to be completed by the learner, promoting a greater degree of self-efficacy. These are designed to develop the learners skills and confidence, whilst assisting them in achieving their goals.

These tasks are complimented by individual coaching videos. These short videos are often sent between the sessions as a means to maintain motivation, explain tasks and act as a point of referral for the learner. Additionally, they can offer a timely reminder of the support available during an often challenging period.