The Beehive is an area dedicated to those who are receiving support and contains a variety of employability resources. These are designed to compliment any 1:1 or group support that you are receiving and you have lifelong access to this area.

As well as the subjects covered during sessions, you may also find other subjects that are of interest to you. Below you will find a variety of written handouts and video based learning resources. This area is constantly being added to and will soon be expanded to contain virtual handouts.
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Career Ladder

We all view roles differently and have our own ideas of what is our dream and what we would be prepared to do just to get by.

Current Training Opportunities

A look at the various training options that are available to support your career redirection.

Careers in Sport

A guide to the various careers available within the sporting sector.

Careers in Construction

A guide to the various careers available within the construction sector.

Hard & Soft Skills

Comparing the differences between hard and soft skills.

CV Builder

A step by step guide to building your own CV.

CV Examples

A selection of CV's in different styles.

Cover Letters

A guide to why, when and how to write a cover letter, as well as a selection of examples.

CV Template

A template allowing you to write your CV notes before typing them up.

Proactive Job Searching

A guide to proactive job searching techniques.

Recruitment Cycle

A guide to common recruitment processes and how this relates to your applications.


Highlighting the benefits of volunteering and where to find roles.

Going Solo

A guide for those who are interested in working self-employed or forming a limited company.

Build a Great LinkedIn Profile

A guide to setting up and making the most of your LinkedIn profile, written by LinkedIn themselves.

Interview Types

A guide to interview types.

Interview Preparation

A tick-list to follow when preparing for and following up an interview.

Competency-Based Questions

A guide to preparing for and answering competency-based questions.

Interview Feedback

An example of an interview feedback form similar to those you may be scored against at interview.

Group Interviews

A guide to preparing for a group interview.

Group Interview Feedback

An example of an group interview feedback form similar to those you may be scored against at a group interview.

Video Interviews

A guide to preparing for a video interview.

AfterCare Support

Our AfterCare Support provides structured support for 12 months on completion of any of our courses, as well as lifetime access to resources.


There are 2 types of change we experience. This guide will look at the 2 different models that help us to navigate the changes in our lives.

Disclosing with Confidence

Over 11 million people in the UK have a criminal conviction. It is important to know your rights, responsibilities and how the DBS system works. This guide also covers if, when and how to disclose a conviction.

Goal Setting

Setting goals is vital for us to keep moving forward. this guide includes a Personal Action Plan that you can use to manage your own goals.

Looking Forward

A guide to staying positive and continuing to move forward.

  • CV Building

  • Proactive Job Searching

  • Interviews